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Dried Flowers with rings

Contents of the box

- 5 different sets of dried flowers
- Rope
- Wire
- Large gold-colored ring
- Small gold-colored ring

Additional requirements
- Scissors

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Get started

Step-by-Step guide

1. Open the packaging and lay the dried flowers on the table.

2. Cut the dried flowers apart.

3. Create different sets of dried flowers and tie them together using the rope. Approximately 6 sets of about 7 flowers for the large ring and 5 sets of about 5 flowers for the small ring.

4. Once the sets are created, trim them to approximately 0,5 inch below the rope.

5. It’s time to fill the rings! Arrange the sets to your liking and secure them with the wire. Tip: Start binding from the center of the set, working towards the bottom.

6. Once the rings are complete, it can be hung on a wall or door using the cord.

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